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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bob Herbert raises an excellent point in his latest column.


Here is an excerpt:

"...the teenagers who are the prime targets for recruitment are being told just about anything to ward off whatever misgivings they may have. Need money for college? No problem. You want to go to a nice place? Certainly. Maybe even Hawaii.

A young man who recently registered, as required, with the Selective Service System received an upbeat brochure in the mail touting the military's 30 days of annual "paid vacation," its free medical and dental care, its "competitive retirement" benefits and its "home loan program."

There was no mention of combat, or what it's like to walk the corridors and the grounds of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where you'll see a tragic, unending parade of young men and women struggling to move about despite their paralysis, or with one, two or three limbs missing....."

It seems rather odd that the the military is allowed to advertise on TV without having to conform to the rules every other advertizer is obliged to follow.

We've all seen the ads for pills, a parody of which follows:

"Get back into the swing of things with Psychotix. Ask your doctor whether Psychotix is right for you. Pychotix isn't for everyone. Your doctor may perform a simple blood test to check for liver damage. In clinical studies, Psychotix has been known to cause skin rash, loss of teeth, swelling in the legs, exfoliation, dysentary, loss of muscle control, bad breath, rage, depression, blindness,
false memory syndrome, vomiting, restless leg syndrome, hives, itching, paranoia, headache, paralisis, death....and abdominal pain!
So try Psychotix, and take back your life."

Always good for a laugh when you see one of those!

But then, the next ad is about adventure, friendship, pride, a free education, money, travel! Just sign on the dotted line!

It hardly seems fair to the poor drug companies. So here's a suggestion:

Why not hire one of the perky voiced talents from the drug ads to sunnily impart this small disclaimer:

"The Army is not for everyone. Your president may tell you a few simple lies about your mission to inspire you to sacrifice your life. In some wars, people in the Army have experienced killing, seeing friends killed, living for days among decomposing corpses, extreme terror, post traumatic stress, an inability to re-adjust to civilian life, cynicism, anger, loss of legs and/or arms, guilt, nightmares, strange ailments not recognised by the government, homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, a decrease in veterans benefits, death....and abdominal pain!"

The drug companies seem to still be making obscene profits, even with the disclaimer albatross wieghing down thier ads. So, we can assume recruiting wouldn't suffer. And then, next time a gold star mother complains about some future war based on lies, the right winger can say "Your son/daughter volunteered...he/she knew what they were getting into and wanted to go" and the argument would actually make sense, unlike the current situation where such people make such claims in the face of clear evidence that the Army has always run ad campains that omit key considerations for any potential recruit.

It's time for truth in advertizing across the board!


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